Why is my Gmail not Showing Emails?

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Thursday, 2 June, 2022

Gmail not Showing Emails

There might be several reasons for Gmail not showing emails.

Reasons for Gmail not showing email

  1. The message might be stuck in the sender’s outbox
  2. Google storage is full
  3. You are using an outdated app
  4. You Might have applied an email filter

Methods to Fix Gmail Not Showing Emails Problem

Method 1:- You can contact the sender to check their email account, and whether a specific mail is stuck in the sender’s outbox, if that’s the case you can ask the person to resend the mail.

Method 2:- If this is not the reason then there is a possibility that your Gmail storage is full, when storage is full you won’t be able to receive any emails at all. Google only provided free 15 GB divided into other services.

If this is the case you might delete some items from your google drive or upgrade to a new storage plan by buying more storage according to your need

  • For deleting select the boxes of the emails which you want to delete then press the trash icon then on go left side menu bar, select bin, and press empty bin now.
  • If you look for buying more space you can go to google drive and click the buy storage button, then according to your needs you can choose any storage plan and that’s how you can increase your google storage

Method 3:- Another reason might be the setting of email forwarding. Some people put this setting on default for forwarding their emails, for this one has to turn off email forwarding.

  • Open your Gmail account and click the strings icon, then click see all settings, now select the forwarding icon and finally click on disable forwarding and lastly click on save changes.

Method 4:- Next you can check your email filter settings(spam), for that remove all email filters, it can even filter one of your important messages too.

  • Go to Gmail settings, select filters and blocked addresses, and click the delete button.

Method 5:- Lastly you can try to log in through a different free browser which is even called switching the browser to see if the problem still exists.

Now may the problem can be with your phone software whether you are using ANDROID OR IOS phone

Fix Gmail not showing emails on android phone

  • First of all, you look for upgrading your Gmail app, an outdated app stops the proper functioning and can even stop receiving emails so you should always keep the app updated on a regular basis.
  • you can even restart your device, in many cases, it is helpful if it’s hanging for any reason.
  • Next, you can clear up your Gmail app cache, for fixing this on your device go to settings, click on the app, select Gmail app and tap clear cache or data and you will start receiving emails and messages on your Gmail account.
  • You should even keep your sync setting on, for go to your setting, click on the app to select the box next to the option sync.

Fix emails not showing on iPhone

  • Like on any other device it is important to keep your Gmail app updated with the latest version on iPhone too.
  • Keep your background app refresh enabled. in order to receive all your email notifications, for this go to settings, tap on the general icon, then tap on background app refresh and put its settings on enable, you can choose WiFi and data option so that you can be kept updated on receiving all your notifications wherever you are.

So following these steps you can fix all your problems regarding not receiving your emails on any device.

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